This is our first full studio album for a while and we hope you enjoy the finished project. We were adamant that we wanted to make it sound as 'live' as possible, which we think we've achieved. Most of the songs were sung while all the instruments were being played and recorded, adding to the overall 'live' feel. We certainly enjoyed this studio experience more than ever before. The choice of songs was also easier than previous albums as they're a mixture of what people frequently request at our gigs and songs that we ourselves love playing

In June 2016 Capricorn celebrated 30 years on the Country Music scene and we marked the occasion with a special dance night at The Pavilion, Bournemouth in front of a capacity crowd. To see people there who had supported us from the start along with more recent followers was a great thrill for us and it was a night never to be forgotten.
To commemorate such a milestone this album is a selection of songs that we've recorded over the years, the first of which was in a garage in 1992! That session produced our first cassette album before we moved onto the world of CDs. Although a few band members have changed, our dedication to Country Music has remained consistent.


As this is our first studio album in several years we thought we'd incorporate some songs that we don't play live much, along with others that we do, in the 12 tracks. As always, it was difficult to pick just 12 songs but we're happy with the choice and hope you are too.

Now that our old albums are no longer available, this is a collection of some of our favourite songs taken from all of our past CDs. We're now playing in parts of the country we never used to so this compilation is especially popular with people in these places, who 'missed' the original albums. We've packed this one with 26 tracks!


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